Friday, December 4, 2009

On the 26th of November, my Perfect Red: The Life of Paraskeva Clark was launched at Libby’s of Toronto. I was completely astounded by the number of people who came and their excitement and interest in the book. What a gratifying experience! Perhaps the best way of conveying what the evening was like is through the photos taken by my husband, Loren Lind and my son, Gareth Lind.

Gavin Miller, who was at my launch and was Paraskeva's neighbour when he was a boy taped John Libby's introduction and my short speech.
You can listen to this part of the event at

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  1. Jane - couldn't find your email so am sending this on your blog. Just finished reading PERFECT RED. Wow, what a revelation - brilliantly researched, you brought a whole era into focus that I was too young to have known. Fascinated that the problems confronting Canadian artists in the past continue to pervade the culture. Looking forward to your next one on Joyce. All best, Charlie