Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Launch Tonight, 25 March 2010

Yesterday afternoon I drove from my home to Porcupine's Quill in Erin, Ontario to pick up copies of the newly bound "Joyce Wieland: Writings and Drawings 1952-1971, selections of her work from the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections at York University. On my way home from Erin, I imained Joyce sitting in the passenger seat and having a conversation. This is what I imagined.

Jane: Joyce, I think some of your drawings, which are actually cartoons, are extremely funny. I've looked at them dozens of times and I still laugh every time I look at them. Why did you use chickens as characters?

Jocye: You have to get to the point quickly in cartoons. Don't you think chickens are strange creatures and very funny? And I think they get to the point quickly.

Jane: You give them such humanity, but not in the anthropomorphic way of cute bunny-people.

Joyce: People take themselves way too seriously and I want to poke fun at people, all kinds of people, especially artists and politicians.

Jane: Well, you include "God the Father Devine" in this, too, you know.

Joyce: Yes, well those God drawings aren't chickens.

Jane: I like your irreverence, but it's lucky those drawings aren't chickens or a lot of offended people might show up at your door ready to lecture you, or worse... And so on.

You can hear all about this newly published book, and purchase copies, tonight at Ben McNally's Books, 366 Bay Street (south of Richmond Street) in Toronto.
416-361-0032 I will be there signing copies and talking about the book.

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